High Power Terminal Block Catalog (Click to view)

Thru-Panel Power Blocks

BlockMaster Electronic’s High-Power Thru-Panel Terminal Blocks are available 20A and 25A @ 300V.   Also 50A-250A @ 600V. For added protection, we offer clear plastic covers for field installation. All of our products have UL approval and are RoHS compliant.

BlockMaster P/NProduct ImageData Sheet Catalog PageProduct DrawingVoltageCurrentPitchMin PolesMax Poles
OTB-351-XXPOTB-351Data SheetProduct Drawing300V20A8.5mm215
OGM-300NE-XXPOGM-300NEData SheetProduct Drawing300V25A11mm223
OTB-330N-XXPOTB-330NData SheetProduct Drawing600V50A13mm215
OTB-388-XXPData SheetProduct Drawing600V100A21mm215
OTB-358N-XXPOTB-358NData SheetProduct Drawing600V100A16mm215
OTB-488-XXPOTB-488Data SheetProduct Drawing600V150A27mm215
OTB-588-XXPOTB-588Data SheetProduct Drawing600V250A35mm112

‡ Indicates clear cover option