Terminal Blocks & Connectors for Every Project Needed!

If one of our terminal blocks or connectors do not meet a need of yours, we may be able to modify for your application. For your specific needs, we offer our design and application assistance to ensure your application receives the best possible solution.

We offer custom options including:

  • Different colors
  • Varying number of poles or positions
  • Stamping to uniquely identify each pole
We do all custom work in-shop, helping us provide a quick turnaround time for our customers. Bring us your designs and let us develop a solution that is technically sound, timely and cost effective.
Click the one of the pictures below for the respective database of products.

Thru-Panel Power Blocks

20 Amps/300 Volts
50-250 Amps/600 Volts

High & Medium-Power Terminal Blocks

50 Amps/300 Volts
115-380 Amps/600 Volts

PCB High-Power Terminal Blocks

30-130 Amps/600 Volts
30-40 Amps/300 Volts

Eurostyle Terminal Strips

8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm
17.5-41 Amps/300-600 Volts

Single Row & Tri-Barrier Terminal Blocks

10-50 Amps/250-300 Volts

Double Row Barrier Terminal Blocks

9.5mm, 11mm,
14mm, and 17.45mm
10-75 Amps
250-600 Volts

PCB Terminal Blocks w/ Wire Guard

12-135 Amps/150-1000 Volts

Pluggable Terminal Blocks

4-16 Amps/150-300 Volts

Jelly Beans Multi-Colored Barrier Blocks

20 Amps/300-600 Volts

Screwless Terminal Blocks

2-10 Amps/300 Volts

Clear Connects

22-12 AWG
24 Amps/600 Volts