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BlockMaster Electronics provides a range of innovative terminal blocks, high power blocks to PC board connectors, and termination connection solutions to electrical and electronic OEMs since 1994. We have low-cost, high-quality manufacturing capabilities and can provide reliable products from stock.

A distinct competitive advantage that BlockMaster offers its customers includes the ability to make modifications in-house to its terminal blocks based on customer requirements.  BlockMaster’s Value-added Center provides the ability to fabricate, modify and laser or pad print legends on our blocks at our Illinois facility for quick turnaround.

BlockMaster Electronics manufactures terminal blocks from 1 to 380 amps, including PCB styles up to 150 amps and PCB screw terminals from 25 – 150 amps.   We offer over 9,500 P/Ns including PCB, Feed-through and Power Distribution types, flange and safety cover options and tab terminal blocks.   BlockMaster’s Value-added Center can also provide quick turnaround on prototypes. Our diverse line of terminal blocks and connectors has the perfect solution to fit your application.

Established in 1994

Privately Owned & Operated

Located in Elk Grove Village, IL

Near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

Facility owned by Blockmaster