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Eurostyle Terminal Strips

BlockMaster Electronics offers a variety of Eurostyle blocks and terminal strips that are sure to suit your need. Our Eurostyle Terminal Strips are available with pitches of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm sizes; a range of 17.5A-41A; elevator clamps; and wire protector products. Custom legends are available (contact factory).

BlockMaster P/NProduct ImageFull CatalogProduct DrawingVoltageCurrentPitchMin PolesMax Poles
PA08HDS-XXPPA14HDSFull CatalogProduct Drawing600V17.5A8mm212
PA10HDS-XXPPA14HDSFull CatalogProduct Drawing600V24A10mm212
PA12HDS-XXPPA14HDSFull CatalogProduct Drawing600V41A12mm212
PA14HDS-XXPPA14HDSFull CatalogProduct Drawing300V35A14mm212