Turret Style Double Row Terminal Blocks

BlockMaster Electronic’s Turret Style Double Row Terminal Blocks are a valuable finger safe option for mounting on most surfaces.  Available in 2, 4, or 6 positions. 250V, 25A 7.5mm pitch with phillips head screws.. 

This product is especially suited for HVAC and other similar control voltage applications. Smaller gauge wire clamps as well as the terminal block size allow the user to fit many connections in a small space. Parts may be factory laser marked or custom labeled for user.

BlockMaster P/NProduct ImageData SheetVoltageCurrentPitchPoles
HP-T3048A-3-2PHP-T304A-3-2PData Sheet250V25A7.5mm2
HP-T3048A-3-4PHP-T304A-3-4PData Sheet250V25A7.5mm4
HP-T3048A-3-6PHP-T304A-3-6PData Sheet250V25A7.5mm6