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BlockMaster regularly releases new product offerings to serve the needs of an ever-changing industry. Click on any of the photos below to view high-resolution literature outlining these exciting new products! Or, right-click on them and choose "Save As" to download.

BlockMaster's Value-Added Center Offers
Custom Terminal Blocks

Panel Feed-Through Series

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Specially Designed for EMI/RFI Applications, the Panel Feed-Through Series allows the designer to completely separate the electrical element of a product from the outside world or field connections!


  • Specially Designed for Use in EMI/RFI Applications
  • Available in Sizes Suited for:
    1. 24-150 Amps,
    2. 450-1000 Volts,
    3. 16 AWG through 2/0 AWG
  • Allows the Interface of:
    1. the input/field wiring circuit and
    2. the circuits inside an enclosure with all sides closed

Clear Connects Push-In Wire Connectors

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Transparent, color-coded, reusable and easy to use, Clear Connects provide visual confirmation of wire termination for a perfect connection every time!

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Recorded at EDS 2010 by ECN Magazine


  • Color-coded for easy identifcation; color indicates number of positions
  • Touch-Safe; wires are safely shrouded by connector housing
  • Clear housing provides visual confirmation and individually held wires eliminate loose connections
  • Built-in strip guide shows how much wire to strip
  • Made with highly conductive copper
  • Accepts solid and tinned stranded wire 22-12AWG
  • Safer and easier than traditional wire nuts
  • Greatly reduces wiring time; no more twisting or taping!
  • Compact size; enables perfect connections in tight spaces
  • OSHA-recommended to reduce wrist and hand strain

BlockMaster Releases New High-Power Terminal Block Line!

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Towers of Power:

BlockMaster's high-power blocks start at 20A@300V and are available up to 250A@600V. They are offered in both PC board and thru-panel styles. The majority of these blocks are also offered with clear plastic covers for further protection during field installation, and all of them have UL approval and are completely RoHS compliant.